How to cut/distress vintage high waisted pants

Step 1- Start off with high waisted vintage jeans. I bought these Levis at thrift store for 3.00

Step 2- Decide how short you would like your shorts to be. Mark the pants with a permanent marker to help you cut straight lines. 

Step 3- Cut your jeans!

Step 4- Now it's time to distress your shorts! Make as many slits as you want. Place something inside of the shorts so that you do not cut the back of the shorts.

Step 5- I measured the size of the slits on one side because I wanted the slits on the other side to be the same size. I made three slits on my shorts at first, but in the end I decided to add more. I ended up making six slits on each side. 

Step 6- Throw in the washer and drier...... & they are ready to wear!

                    Hope you guys enjoyed this very simple DIY. For more outfits visit Little Petite!